Simply Efficient
  • Just by changing the ballast you can now have one lamp in each fixture come on. This is the simplest way to save energy. Like a 3 way light bulb in your living room, SwitchGenie provides the same versatility of light output

  • The Wall Switch is the most universal lighting control. Make it work to save you money. Have it turn on one lamp at a time and rotate the lamps that come on to extend lamp life.

Potential of Lighting Controls

  • Linear Fluorescent lamps are the most common and widely used lamps in the world. The pictures above show the mass market that exists. Just by replacing the ballast you can cut energy usage by 50% to 75%.

  • Energy Prices are not going to go down in the near future.

  • Investments in SwitchGenie products will pay back with energy savings, incentives, tax deductions, building certification credits usually in less than two years.

Smart Ballast talks to Computer networks

  • There is a microprocessor in each Ballast so it can talk to Building Automation Systems that can speak Modbus.

  • Windows based control systems can be used to provide time clock control

  • Occupancy sensors, Vacancy Sensors and Day-Light Harvesting photo sensors also talk directly to the ballasts to provide simple and efficient energy saving solutions.
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